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This tube is out of stock until November/December 2019, but we do have another supplier than can get it to us for $20 more.  If you want to go that route and pay the $20 more and don't have a problem waiting 2-3 weeks, then let us know and we will invoice you.


7 Feet Tall! New for 2015/2016, BIG Bertha is a Huge 84+" Butyl Tire Inner Tube. Not cheap vinyl but a real tire; heavy duty and super fun for in the river, lake or pool! This is the largest recreational tube on the market. At this time we don't make covers for it, sorry. Outside diameter Max is 84", recommend 78" for air expansion. Inside diameter is 36". Height when laying flat is 24". There is a LARGE volume of air in the tube, so you have to allow for air expansion if the tube is not contained (ie: Cover or Tire Shell). The valve is the fast deflation TR 218A for added convenience!   This tube will expand to over twice its size when inflated, so don't let the smaller size of it worry you when it arrives.


This tube can also be used for pool closures to keep under the pool tarp.  If you do that, then we recommend 72" for maximum inflation to allow for air expansion from the sun's heat.

84" Big Bertha Rubber Inner Tube - (Pool Closing Use)

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