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Our commercial series snow tubes have an improved 18 oz. vinyl top that comes in a variety of colors and has a super heavy duty GLOSSY BLACK 40 oz. vinyl bottom.  A glossy bottom means even more speed than our recreational series snow tubes.   They are strong enough to hold a tractor trailer and are strong enough to pile on a bunch of people. Therefore, it would be safe to say that the 44" snow tube would hold up to 2 people (~450 lbs.) and the 54" snow tube would hold up to 3 people (~700 lbs.) on top of each other. 2 people side-by-side riding would be best for the 54".  The opening for the 44" tube is about 20" wide in diameter and about 12-14" deep, and the opening for the 54" tube is about 24" wide in diameter and about 16-18" deep. For snow versions, buy a cushion insert (optional - sold separately) for increased comfort.   

Snow Tubes 44" & 54" Super Slick Commercial Series

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18 oz. Vinyl Top Color
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