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These are our commercial quality double snow tubes. They come in 88" and 108" sizes. Basically, the 88" consists of two of our 44" snow tubes as seen above and the 108" consists of two 54" snow tubes as seen above all in one complete cover. The top is 18 oz. vinyl and comes in a variety of colors to choose from and the bottom is a glossy, super slick 40 oz. vinyl.  Each double snow tube size comes available in a towable or non-towable version. All double snow tubes come with seatbelt webbing handles and all handles have reinforced backing.  The openings for the 88" tube are about 20" wide in diameter and about 12-14" deep, and the openings for the 108" tube are about 24" wide in diameter and about 16-18" deep. For snow versions, buy two cushion inserts (optional - sold separately) for increased comfort.  If they are strong enough to hold a tractor trailer then they are strong enough to pile on a bunch of people. Therefore, it would be safe to say that the 88" snow tube would hold ~900 lbs. (~450 lbs. in each section) and the 108" snow tube would hold up to ~1,400 lbs. (~700 lbs in each section).  

Snow Tubes 88" & 108" Double Commercial Series

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Top 18 oz. Vinyl Color
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