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If your inner tube will not hold air, then it is likely a loose or faulty Schrader valve (not a hole in the tube).   A loose core is very common on a new tube and just needs to be tightened ever so slightly.    It is super simple to tighten or replace a valve core.   We recommend every tube owner have one of these on hand.  Watch the how-to video right here.

The Kit includes a brand new standard core valve removal/installer driver, a brand new core valve removal / installer tool, and two brand new core valves, plus a rubber patch kit. The maintenance kit is perfect for maintaining your real rubber inner tubes for snow tubing and river tubing. The replacement core valves will fit any standard valve. The standard bore core driver provides a firm grip on the valve core for inserting or removing the valve core. The plastic handle is great for a solid grip. The raised edges of the core valve removal / installer tool has a rubber gasket for a snug air-tight fit on any standard valve. The core valves will fit any standard valve inner tube. Perfect replacements for those lost core valves when letting the air out! This tool is a quick way to deflate these tubes by removing that core valve. The core valve is the itty-bitty pin inside the valve stem. It can be removed either by using a core valve tool or by using a small pair of needle nose pliers (if using the needle nose pliers, you do need to take care not to damage the valve). Once the core valve is removed and all the air is let out, please re-insert the core valve, but only snug. Over tightening the core valve will cause damage. Once the core valve stops turning, that is the point to stop. 


Inner Tube Maintenance Tools

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Maintenance Option
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