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See a short video of a 32" saucer sled in action: https://youtu.be/73-0FQ1slV0


These are high quality fiberglass saucer sleds. Jeweled saucers are constructed of hand layered multi layers of fiberglass much like a boat hull. These are manufactured from the same company as FiberglassTreeSwings.comThe face has a thick tuff layer of clear gel-coat that brings out the depth and brilliance of the jewels. Inside is a light gray stone finish. There are multiple jeweled colors to choose from. Pictures can not show their true depth and brilliance. They look incredible under the Christmas tree. Just add a bow. These sleds have been in production for over 20 years. They have been extensively tested and found to be nearly indestructible. Unlike plastic or metal sleds these sleds have very little flex and tend to plane over the snow. They are crazy fast. They are manufactured right here in the USA! The 26" saucer sled weights about 8 lbs. and the 32" saucer sled weighs about 15 lbs. No saucer sled should be used around rocks, concrete, asphalt or sticks. Only use saucers on pure unobstructed snow.  All solid saucer sleds ship on the average within 2-5 days of ordering via UPS ground.  Custom image saucer (i.e. Batman, Captain American), please allow 4-7 days to ship.  Shipping is free within the 48 states.

Jeweled Fiberglass Saucer Sleds