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These are quality, American-made 54" Colossal river and lake tubes! You will get the quality cover AND the inner tube with your order as pictured. We offer sole replacement inner tubes which are also listed here on this site in the replacemen inner tube section. The standard river & lake tube covers are made of a 600 Denier Mildew and UV Resistant Poly Canvas Top and Bottom. They are UV resistant with non-fading colors. We offer 18oz. vinyl bottoms as an upgrade option on some of our river tubes like our snow tubes have. Canvas bottomed tubes will sit lower in the water than a vinyl bottomed tubes will. Our custom river tubes also come with an inner liner to prevent ones skin rubbing on the inner tube's rubber. If you want quality river & lake tubes, then these are it!

Full covered bottoms are just that, fully covered. The canvas nor the vinyl version have drain holes. However, for the vinyl version, if desired, we can make 5 or 6 quarter sized holes in the vinyl bottom for drain purposes as an upgrade (see selections). This option only applies to vinyl full covered bottom river tubes. For river bottoms with sharp jagged rocks - mesh is not a good idea (ie. Rocky Mountain river rocks in Colorado). The mesh is tough and durable, but continuous jagged rocks will wear it down. Smooth river stones (i.e. North Georgia rivers and streams) mesh is fine. The hole option listed above will be fine for either type of rocky river bottom. Also note that when you receive the inner tube and cover, you "may think" that the innertube is way, way too small for the cover. This is just a visual misconception. It may feel firm and fully inflated around 32", but it is not full and has room to expand with more air. When fully inflated the inner tube will almost double in size filling the snow tube cover completely.  Fill the inner tube within the snow tube cover until most of the covers wrinkles disappear. This will let you know when the tube is full. The air pump at the gas station is the fastest way to fill a tube. 

Planning on carrying a cooler? 44" wide tubes have a 20-23" opening and 54" wide tubes have a 25-27" opening.

So, which river tube bottom is right for me (you may ask)?

1) If you are just using the tube on a lake, pool or ocean, then the canvas bottom will suit you fine. These come in a variety of colors.

2) If you are using the tube on a river that has a sandy bottom or a "smooth" pebble or "smooth" rock bottom with none to some rubbing, then the standard 18 oz. vinyl bottom would suit you fine. These come in a variety of colors. Also, if you want to use the tube in the winter too on the snow, then a vinyl bottom would be universal.

3) If you plan to use it on a river that has a lot of rock rubbing on the bottom or has sharp rocks AND/OR you plan to use this as a dual use tube for both water and snow, then you will want to use the special paypal button below for the 40 oz. black vinyl upgrade. This is the toughest bottom that we offer and currently only offer it in a glossy black color. If there is a lot of rub, then don't go with a mesh bottom. As stated, this upgraded vinyl bottom also makes for great universal use in the winter for snow play!

River & Lake 54" Colossal Tubes

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